Mar 22, 2017

Firstly, hats off to this German quartet for providing English translations of its lyrics, as this always helps in appreciating what a band is trying to get across. The songs of Disco//Oslo—the name of the band has no meaning whatsoever—deal with many of the same issues that concern those of us immersed in the punk community with social equality, or the lack thereof, featuring highly. All of this is played out with guitars providing the oomph via thrusting chords and leads/riffs throwing in a post-punk feel to the songs, which have bundles of energy. I came across Tyke as I spent an evening trawling the internet. After one listen, I ordered this and the band’s first album for less than £9 ($11). A most productive and satisfying few hours indeed. –Rich Cocksedge (Pumpkin, [email protected], pumpkinrecords.co.uk/kidnap / Kidnap, [email protected], kidnapmusic.de)