Apr 08, 2019

This Spanish trio has the knack of writing and delivering lively punk rock that I find extremely infectious. With Angi’s sharp guitar sound and gruff vocals—a tad reminiscent of Tim Armstrong—aided and abetted by Dave’s effervescent bass and Marle’s snappy drums, the whole package doesn’t take its foot off the gas from start to finish. There are big choruses, perfect for singing along with. As I sit here writing this whilst listening to the album, I feel all fidgety as the music really is making my body want to nod, tap, or just randomly move my limbs in time with the music. A thoroughly enjoyable album. –Rich Cocksedge (Filferro, [email protected], filferro.bigcartel.com / Irrintzi Diskak, [email protected] / Cruzade, [email protected], cruzaderecords.com)