DISABLE: …Slamming in the Depths of Hell: 7”

The latest release from Atlanta, Ga. d-beat veterans Disable is a burst of raw punk fury that will have you pumping your fist in this life, or the next. With seven tracks, including the intro, there’s a lot crammed into this 7”, and I got more stoked on it after repeated listens. The record starts with a circle pit-inspiring intro, into the track “Hellish Nightmare.” It only gets better after flipping the record, as the B side tracks, particularly “Endless,” were my favorites on the record. The 7” includes a cool poster but was sadly lacking a lyric sheet. That gripe aside, …Slamming in the Depths of Hell was a solid record from a band with a back catalog of releases that I’ll definitely be looking into. –Paul J. Comeau (Brain Slash, brainslash.storeenvy.com)