Sep 16, 2021

Disable kick out three bursts of d-beat mayhem that wears their influences proudly on their sleeve: Discharge and Disclose. The vocals definitely nail down the Cal sound. “Mindless Delusions” is the best of their three, with its raw and nasty guitar and the breaks they throw in to up the tension. Löckheed take their d-beat sound to the much noisier and chaotic end of the genre. The vocals are more on guttural/shouted side, and the music is a churning hell of distortion and feedback that teeters on becoming one big drone, but they’re on top of it and know when to crank things up a notch or ten. “Pill Mill” is a fiery blast that takes no prisoners and then transitions into the closer “Black Wings of War” that has some catchy parts buried underneath the distortion and swirling noise. Another scorcher release from Audacious Madness. –Matt Average (Audacious Madness, audacious madness.storenvy.com, [email protected])