DIRTY FENCES: “Tommy & CC” b/w “I’m Here”: 7”

Aug 25, 2016

I was really excited to give this single a spin because of its immediately recognizable queer BDSM leather daddy imagery on the back cover. Given the art, I had high hopes it would boast hardcore Gravy Train vibes, but alas, another rock’n’roll single. Although, it’s a pretty good one. Lots of ‘70s sad boy rocker feels. Kind of glam, kind John Cougar Mellencampy, kind of Ramonesy. There is a Man on the Run reference. They ask the listener to “Telephone” them. It’s cool. I’ll probably listen to it again because I love the art and sometimes I’m a little bit of a sucker for campy shit that sounds like old denim. –Candace Hansen (Die Slaughterhouse, dieslaughterhouserecords.com)


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