DIRECT HIT / PEARS: Human Movement: Split CD

Jan 31, 2018

Oh, I don’t know. I’m one of those dinguses who really enjoys Direct Hit’s early stuff and has never quite understood the frenzy surrounding Pears. Not to say that both bands aren’t solid musicians and in full command here, and it’s really smart and all that, but this split just leaves the heart, brain, and the rest of the ol’ physiognomy a little unbothered. The songs are just resolutely there, you know? Fiercely competent, technically proficient, melody takes a backseat to the ferocity. Direct Hit’s “Open Your Mind” is one of their only non-hardcore songs here, and it joyfully harkens back to their earlier “Werewolf Shame” days, but if this split is any indication, they essentially seem to have reinvented themselves. Pears, meanwhile, is fast and crazed and veering around, with songs parts seemingly jammed together after being picked from a hat, and little room for the music to breathe at all—the vocals rarely let up through their half dozen songs. Strain all that through the Fat Wreck Production Colander and there you have it. Gorgeously ugly purple and red layout, but I really wanted to like this a bit more than I did. –Keith Rosson (Fat)