Nov 29, 2016

“Leave a message at the beep, huh? Leave a message, Dino? Yeah, I got a frickin’ message for you! I got a message for you, Dino! Your boys are in my garage again, okay? Busted right in! Set up their little amplifiers, put on their leather jackets, slicked their hair back with that pomade crap. When I went in there to stop ‘em, one of them threatened me with a switchblade, Dino! This is how you and your boys treat your brother-in-law? Them playing their revved-up ‘60s punk, all tinny and smash-y like the Beach Boys on garbage drugs? And you, Dino, not returning my calls? Not picking up the phone? This is not how you treat people, Dino? Come get your boys!” –Keith Rosson (Dead Broke)

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