Dima Punk: Once a Punk: VOD

May 25, 2021

This documentary follows eight years in the life of Stof, the self-proclaimed last punk in Morocco. Having lost much of his fellow punks to adulthood, religion, and prison, Stof takes it upon himself to represent punk rock in the greater Casablanca area. Our protagonist spends his days primping his mohawk, sewing and studding jackets, and wandering the streets of Casablanca with the Exploited in his headphones. Stof’s friends debate his cultural authenticity, while he ponders his place in Moroccan society. The film climaxes with Stof getting arrested on trumped up drug charges, finishing his sentence just in time to catch Hardzazat: Morocco’s premier DIY music festival. Initially, the protagonist comes across as a vapid streetpunk, but as he reveals his experiences and insights, he proves to be a thoughtful and charismatic individual worthy of the film’s focus. By the end of the movie I felt a sort of parasocial connection with Stof, though I don’t think I’ve ever met him. This is the directorial debut of Dominique Caubet, a Cultural Studies professor, who has done a great deal of research on contemporary Moroccan youth culture. The film features music and footage of various Moroccan punk acts, including: Z.W.M., Tachamarod, Betweenatna, and more. The film provides a picture of alternative culture in urban Morocco that was only previously available through direct observation. In summary: it’s hella good. The film is available for viewing on Lardux Films’ Video On Demand page on Vimeo. Stof has since started his own band, also called Dima Punk. Their premier song, “Sir Htal Gheda” can be found on YouTube. Hopefully, there is more to come. –Brian Trott (Lardux Films, 31 Rue Gambetta, 93100 Montreuil, France, lardux.net)

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