DILS, THE: Live!: LP + CD

Nov 15, 2022

This live document of two eras of this venerable S.D./L.A./S.F./Canada first wave punk band, originally released by Triple X in 1987, gets an upgraded reissue for new fans and for those who missed out getting their hands on a copy the first time ’round. The earliest set of tunes, four from 1977, is the last on the collection—a raw but intelligible crowd recording that showcases them at their most furious, with zippy tempos and spirited performances. The remaining bulk of the tunes here are soundboard quality recordings of a set from 1980. On these recordings, they’ve slowed the tempos down a bit, which makes the melodic ’60s garage rock influence always bubbling underneath their songs more apparent, albeit still sounding like a band wielding those influences with a sledgehammer, while also hinting at the rootsier directions they’d soon be pursuing with Rank And File. As an added bonus, there’s a CD included with a third live set, recorded at one of the “New Wave Against Black Lung” benefit shows for striking miners held 3/20-21/78 at San Francisco’s legendary Mabuhay Gardens, with soundboard quality sound and a slew of tunes that aren’t on the vinyl. Add an insert with the original liner notes, assorted gig reviews, photos, and recollections by the band’s manager about the miners’ benefit and you have yourself a quality reissue here. –Jimmy Alvarado (Porterhouse, porterhouserecords.com)

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