May 31, 2017

The latest (and final) release from the almighty Dillinger Escape Plan is eleven songs in fifty minutes. The sound is pretty similar to their past few albums, but with less electronic and lighter moments. More of Dissociation is hard-hitting and fast, which is preferable. The opener, “Limerent Death,” may be one of their best songs ever, with singer Greg Puciato snarling and whining, “I gave you everything you wanted / you were everything to me” over and over, faster and faster until he just ends up screaming and the songs bursts back into a frenzied blitz before suddenly ending. Occasionally, the band reverts to the Faith No More influence they’ve displayed on their past few albums, but for the most part they keep up a furious, blistering pace. It’s those intense, mosh-inducing parts that I’ve appreciated about the band (always bent toward the jazzy, off-beat rhythms) and Dissociation has more of those than not. Is it as amazing as 2004’s Miss Machine? No. But it’s a note the band can be proud to go out on. –Kurt Morris (Party Smasher Inc., dillingerescapeplan.org)