May 24, 2022

I’ve been a huge supporter of Tor Johnson Records over the years, so it was natural that when they announced a subscription series in celebration of their 20th anniversary that I signed up as soon as possible. This first release from the series features Dikembe and Slingshot Dakota, two bands I’m not super familiar with. Lack of familiarity with their own works didn’t stop me from appreciating their takes on songs by Fugazi, one of my favorite bands. Dikembe took on “I’m So Tired” and “Cash Out.” “Cash Out,” is one of my favorite tracks from the criminally underrated The Argument album. Dikembe does a great job bringing that song to life and putting their spin on it. Not to be outdone, Slingshot Dakota give us their version of the title track from The Argument. I was so impressed by these covers that I’ll definitely check out each band’s original material in the future. The subscription series was limited to one hundred, with a few going to each band and to select independent record shops. If you missed subscribing, hunt this down at your local shop or hit up the bands. This record is one not to be missed. –Paul J. Comeau (Tor Johnson, [email protected])

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