May 23, 2018

Digital Leather is a synth pop outfit led by Omaha transplant Shawn Foree. With thumping beats and lush choruses, Foree blends the gloom and doom of Bauhaus and Joy Division with the twee minimalism of The Robot Ate Me. Named after a pink dildo that the band brought on tour with them, Pink Thunder is a meticulously composed record that’s often monotonous, which honestly adds to the overall effect. Like an ASMR video, Foree’s repetitive arrangements, fuzzy synths, and reverb-drenched vocals send tingles down my spine, making songs like “Restaurant” and “Plans for the Future” perfect for relaxing. Put this record on loud, turn the lights off, and find the most comfortable corner of your bed. Let yourself be washed away. –Sean Arenas (P. Trash, / FDH,