May 20, 2019

Okay, so there’s a lot to talk about here. First off, this is a collection of primarily tape-only released songs recorded between 2008–2018, collected here for the first time… and they’re great lo-fi synthesizer jams with tons of hooks! For real, the songs on here are the upper echelon of great, bouncy synthpop and more distant-sounding coldwave tunes. Sometimes punky or garagey, other times not, but nearly always with the synths being the main attraction. Other Digital Leather that I’ve heard didn’t necessarily stick with me but these songs are different, as they seem catchier than I remember. This entire release is super solid, and this doesn’t seem like a collection of newer and older tunes. Instead, it feels like a super cohesive release, and I’m super into it. Secondly, the packing on this record is fucking insane. Hand numbered LP covers with beveled corners and a hinge glued onto the cover as part of the artwork, including a sixteen page booklet and other goodies. The entire package is well thought out, front and back. Overall, I can’t recommend this enough. –Mark Twistworthy (Stencil Trash, [email protected],


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