DIG #1, free, 3½” x 5½”, copied, 8 pgs.

Jul 20, 2021

In typewriter font and photocopied across eight pages is a poem expressing grief for a lost friend in this delicate zine that is perfectly pocket-sized. Held together in a lavender grey cover with a hummingbird stamped on the front, this poetry zine by jimmy cooper is a quick but devastating read. In a collection of vivid remembrances that begins with “I would write one hundred poems about your smile but it’s too late for all that,” cooper brings to life a friend, Nya (2000-2021), to whom the zine is dedicated. The weight of the loss is heavy, and the love expressed in this zine is deep. Yet, by the last page, you’re thankful for the glimpse at the life of a person you’ll never know but whom was clearly treasured. What was written in memory of a dear friend is also celebration of revolution, specifically the Minneapolis uprising in response to George Floyd’s murder by cop in 2020. Titled dig, it’s a compact but powerful zine. –Gina Murrell (jimmy cooper, furiousbeautiful.bandcamp.com/merch/dig)

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