Difference Between, The By Billy McCall, 140 pgs.

Nov 22, 2017

This book may be my new favorite thing. It’s such a simple idea, but works so well. Billy McCall takes various things (Ice Cube and Ice T, empathy and sympathy, herbs and spices) that sound similar or are often confused, and explains the difference. I learned so much reading The Difference Between. There were many times I said, “Yeah! I always get those confused!” McCall’s explainations are quick, easy-to-understand, and occasionally humorous (Palm Springs and Palm Beach, for example).

This is not a diss, but I can totally see this book being for sale at Urban Outfitters. It’s smaller in size (approximately 4” x 5”) and each person/place/thing is given a page with an illustration, so it makes for a quick read. The Difference Between is a great idea for some toilet reading or a white elephant gift as the holidays approach. Highly recommended and for six bucks it’s worth the price. –Kurt Morris ([email protected])