DIE GROUP: Disease Control: LP

Mar 17, 2021

I caught these guys live a few years ago when they opened for the Rough Kids at the 5 Star Bar in DTLA. I thought they were pretty good and had something going on that separated them from everyone else. I had no clue how much of that something they had going on really was/is until I heard this LP. This album is great! Die Group play a mix of art punk, dirge, classic So Cal punk stylings, and other sounds that I can’t quickly reference at the moment. You might think Flipper, and that’s heading in the right direction, but Die Group sound like Die Group. The songs tend to hover in the mid-tempo range with smooth transitions into slightly speedier moments sprinkled throughout. The guitar dominates with that bass just underneath to give it that foreboding darkness. The drums keep it all moving forward with coolness and ease, as I witnessed in the live setting. Lyrically sometimes odd, as with “Old and Gross,” then sometimes prescient and on the money, as with “Nothing Good Today.” In a just world this album will be regarded as a classic. It’s that good. –Matt Average (Sex Tape, sextaperecords.com)