DICKIES, THE: “I Dig Go-Go Girls” b/w “The Dreaded Pigasaurus”: 7”

Sep 26, 2019

Do you need to hear The Dickies cover the Cheap Trick classic “I Dig Go-Go Girls” with Monkey from The Adicts on lead vocals? Of course you do. The Dickies don’t need much of an introduction. One of the longest-running bands in the history of punk, they threw humor and nerdy behavior into their insanely catchy songs from the get-go, becoming the first California punk band to appear on national TV and to sign to a major label. Monkey’s vocals gel well with their spirited cover on Side A. The flipside is a new Dickies original, replete with keyboards and saxophone. It’s an amusing release for sure. –Art Ettinger (Slope, sloperecords.com)