DIAPERS, THE: Diaper Full of Love: CD

Jul 20, 2021

The Diapers describe themselves as “a punk band for kids and they all wear diapers on their heads and their lead singer is a baby.” I can’t confirm the diaper wearing part but the singer is certainly not a baby. I’m also not sure I would describe this as music for kids as some of the songs involve breaking the law and having lobotomies, which would be hard to explain to very young kids. Some song titles suggest the opposite, though: “ABCs and 123s,” “Diaper Full of Love,” and “Hiding under My Bed.” Song content aside, musically this is what would happen if Toys That Kill all become dads and wanted to make an album for their middle-school aged children in order to embarrass them. It’s pretty silly, but at least the music is catchy as hell. –Kurt Morris (thediapersband.bandcamp.com)