DHARMA DOGS: Music for the Terminally Besotted: CS

May 23, 2018

Dharma Dogs is a punk band active in Wisconsin since 2011. This cassette further elaborates upon the fuzzy sound they’ve been developing for years. The first two tracks, “Laxadaisy” and “Fluke or Flounder,” kick off the record with some classic-sounding (though tinted with grunge influence) punk, occasionally dipping into more emotive and screamed vocals. The vocals on “Billboard Blues” delved into a bluesy and psychedelic realm, over garage instrumentation similar to that of the first two tracks. The record gets fastest and most aggressive with “Black Mayonnaise,” a confrontational, six-minute-long riot accompanied with shouted vocals. The album is finished with a grab bag of more garage-sounding punk, some poignant (if not a little repetitive) guitar instrumentation, and occasionally screamed vocals. Alternative-sounding guitar work is speckled throughout the album, but doesn’t end up adding all that much. This record is a generally fun (yet occasionally tedious) release that fans of old school punk, alternative, grunge, and garage rock would probably enjoy, but it isn’t particular thrilling either. –Anna Farr (Muzai, muzairecords.com)