DFMK: Self-titled: LP/CD

Dec 03, 2020

From the outset I am totally sold on this album. The, short but impactful, intro to “Mal Presentimiento” builds my anticipation and when the song kicks in in earnest I get such a good feeling inside as I know I’m in for a good ride. The secret to DFMK’s success here isn’t really that difficult to identify as the band just melds punk, rock’n’roll and a touch of hardcore perfectly. The result is music that is driven expertly, even at times when you think it might careen off the rails. The production brings the rhythm section together, maximizing both elements without losing any of the synergy created whilst the guitar chops and slices away with aplomb. Within this, the vocals are perfectly framed, running wild and helping to create an album that never wanes in quality over fifteen tracks. Do not miss out on this. –Rich Cocksedge (La Escalera, [email protected], laescaleradistro.com / A-F, a-frecords.limitedrun.com / Rad Girlfriend, radgirlfriendrecord.storenvy.com / Tiny Dragon Music, tinydrgaonmusic.bandcamp.com / Puercords, puercords.com / Constructivismo DIY, facebook.com/constructivismodistro)

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