DFMK: 7 Canciones Sobre un Individualismo Radical: 7”

Aug 25, 2016

After about two years of hearing the praises of the Tijuana superstars known as DFMK sung by a large swath of friends, I finally got to see them last fall during the Razorcake residency at Pehrspace. I was blown away both by how great the band is musically, and also by the completely visceral and engaging performance, led by the extraordinarily animated and charismatic frontman Mr. Cap. And the greatness of the band is fully captured on this here slab o’wax. Here you’ll find an incredibly tight and focused band that’s firing on all cylinders and delivering a ferocious, bombastic, confident, and swaggering blend of punk and rock’n’roll. To my ears, I’m hearing a nod to early ‘80s Southern California hardcore pioneers, a la the Circle Jerks, with heavy heapings of blistering rock’n’roll in the vein of Mudhoney and New Bomb Turks, however, with even bigger, beefier, guitars. This is some crucial shit that you’re going to want to own. –Jeff Proctor (La Escalera / Get Better)

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