DEZERTER: Jak Powtryzmalem III Wojne Swiatowa Czyli Nieznana Historia Desertera: LP

May 31, 2017

Stop what you are doing and buy this record. Now that we’re there, let’s talk about what you just bought. Dezerter were one of the earliest Polish punk bands. They released a 7” in ’83 of fantastic hardcore-influenced punk and then went on an illustrious career that spanned several albums. They’re gritty and melodic, and they were politically active in a way that was actually dangerous. This release is a compilation of odds-and-ends spanning from 1981 to the mid-‘90s and shows their considerable amount of range. There is some filler material but even that’s important because it’s interesting to see how they progressed as more influences were brought into their sound. Recommended if you are into good international punk (Eskorbuto, Ebba Gron) or are trying to test out the waters of punk outside the U.S./U.K. comfort zone. Also, great packaging. Liner notes are in both Polish and English. –Ian Wise (Pasazer,