DEVIOUS ONES: Self-titled: CS

Nov 29, 2016

If this was 1999, these guys could be the kings of Mutant Pop Records, although they might actually have been slightly too punk and slightly too un-insipid to rule that particular roost. The band appears to believe they’ve been influenced by Johnny Thunders, the Boys, and the Buzzcocks—and who am I to say otherwise?—but to my weathered tympanic membranes they sound more like a cross between the Briefs and Teenage Bottlerocket or contemporary soulmates thereof. I dig a fair portion of this, but, come on, boys, a cassette? When I get a cassette I plan to play it exactly once. Ergo, it was nice while it lasted! We’ll always have Paris! Enjoy the marvels of magnetic tape! BEST SONG: “Little Intruder” or “Dollar Cans and Also Rans.” BEST SONG TITLE: Same. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Recorded by Jim Diamond! Everybody piss their pants! ­–Rev. Nørb (Peterwalkee,