DEVIOUS ONES: Plainview Nights: LP

Sep 26, 2018

On the musical end, these guys sound reminiscent of late-’90s/early-’00s street punk; on the vocal end, they sound more like late-’90s pop punk than anything. That yields a nice smash-up between the two camps—you get a nice, mildly ragged, everyday Joe vibe to the music, and commendably melodic vocals (and a hat), which sands off the cartoon snottiness of the first camp and the cookie-cutter regurgitations of the second. There are also nods to garage, power pop, and glam sprinkled throughout the project, and the fact that these guys released a ten-song album—that low a number of tracks on a punk album historically cocks my eyebrow—suggests that this crew is more musically ambitious than they might initially appear. In spots, they sound like a low-budget, cinder-block-in-front-of-the-kick-drum version of Mother’s Children, and I’d be shocked and grossed if I found out the title track wasn’t a blatant attempt to remake “Brickfield Nights” by the Boys in their own image, this time mentioning flyers, forties, and pizza boxes instead of youth clubs and coffee bars. “Rust Is Imminent” is probably the best song about the Midwest since “IQ 32” by the Necros. Live the dream! BEST SONG “Rust Is Imminent.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Plainview Nights.” I’d like to dedicate it to Ed Gein. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: For as many times as you see a cinder block in front of the kick drum in the punk world, it’s amazing how few times you actually see a cinder block in front of the kick drum on an album cover. –Rev. Nørb (Hold Fast, / No Front Teeth,