DEUTER: Róbrege ’84 (Festiwal Róbrege—Punk Seria Wpr Vol. 1): LP

May 28, 2020

This is a live set recorded at a punk festival in 1984, and it sounds like it was recorded at a punk festival in 1984, alright. Mid-tempo Polish punk with a not infrequent saxophone scattered throughout, and I’m not sure if it’s the quality of the recording or the sax player, but it sounds like there’s a warble going on here and there. (After a few listens, I think it’s the sax.) At times this has a real Dead Kennedys aesthetic to it—cartoonish and very self-aware—while other times they drop the pretense and just go for it, either rocking out or bringing things to a lurching, art punk halt. Comes with a glossy lyric sheet (with English translations) and an amazing trifold color poster of the band playing. A lot of care went into this release, and I can’t begin to imagine how important groups like this must have been in 1980s Poland. –Keith Rosson (Warsaw Pact)