DETRITUS #3, $12, 5” x 7”, screen printed, 16 pgs.

May 25, 2021

Detritus is a compilation of mistakes of screen-printers who the compiler, Chris Estrada, likes and respects. Thus, as Chris writes, “the aim of this zine is to celebrate creation through destruction.” All the prints are done in blue ink and I wish there was some more diversity to the colors because after a while they all ran together. In addition, it’s a rather short piece of work and would make more sense as an art show as opposed to a zine. Only thirty-five were made, though, which makes me wonder if all thirty-five are the same or are they each a unique piece? While I appreciate the work of screen-printers and the time that goes into their art, I feel like whatever is going on here may be a bit too art school for me. –Kurt Morris ([email protected])

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