Sep 26, 2018

The Destructors, who I hadn’t heard of until this album, are an old (but still existent) punk band, started in the ’70s in England. Their latest album, Pünkopera, is all about reflecting on the birth of punk in England. Much of the content is about how punk was threatening and the fights involved, as well as a general concept of “punk was a thing that was happening.” But the album really plays on punk without much creativity. For example, song titles include: “We are the Punks,” “77 Punks,” “Punk Rock’n’roll,” and “Girl Punk Rocker.” The opening and closing tracks also name drop a bunch of bands such as Television, Blondie, Richard Hell, Ramones, and so on. There are also covers of Generation X, The Clash, and the Avengers. Musically, it’s not bad; it’s catchy with some chugging guitars and “woah-ohs.” But the lyrical content is so uncreative it’s hard to take seriously. –Kurt Morris (