DESPISE YOU: West Side Horizons: LP

Jan 05, 2022

The myth, the madness, the masterpiece! Back in print on the diligent and highly attentive Tankcrimes Records, West Side Horizons is the collection everyone needs within arm reach when a cleanse of bullshit is essential. Hose away any festering pretentiousness and get a sixty-two song reminder that not all musicians are self-gratifying narcissists putting on a façade to weasel their way into the next green room. Despise You are the real deal. The creators of a sound that corrupted a million minds around the world. Pummeling, crumbling, hurriedly thrashing at the fabric of society that has swept them to the back alleys and other assorted dimly lit locations. West Coast powerviolence of the highest order. The mid-fuckin’-’90s man! With mysterious origins that only became more entrancing when the true story was told (see Razorcake #107), Jose, Leticia, Frank, and Alex aren’t fucking around! If you’re a fan of aggressive music and you’re unfamiliar, put this at the top of your list. Mandatory. –Daryl (Tankcrimes)

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