Aug 16, 2017

L.A. by way of Inglewood’s own powerviolence vets Despise You return with all new material since their 2015 7” All Your Majestic Bullshit. Middle age hasn’t slowed down the core duo of Chris Elder and Phil Vera, the band’s two longest running members since 1993. Joined by their fierce co-vocalist and hype woman Cynthia Nishi (formerly of Gasp, another staple Los Angeles-based experimental powerviolence band) and a couple of recruits on bass and drums, the band devastates ear drums once again with five pulverizing blasts of their patented west side “power-thrash” that holds up as much, if not more than, any of their previous recordings. Songs about dead friends, sketchy fucks you used to call “friend,” and living just for dying. On their side of the split, DC’s Coke Bust pillaging fury brings to mind the whirlwind thrash of Deep Wound and Siege. I had the pleasure of seeing these maniacs blow the roof off of Chuco’s Justice Center here in Inglewood back in 2009 so it’s encouraging to hear that eight years later their intensity remains intact. Fun fact: if you carefully sharpen the edges of this record, it serves a dual purpose as an instrument to cut posers with. –Juan Espinosa (To Live A Lie)