DESPERATE TIMES #1, $5, 8½” x 11”, copied, 46 pgs.

Jan 21, 2022

Capturing the strong outsider spirit of 1970s punk in look, feel, and written expression, Chairman Ralph’s new zine, Desperate Times, is a must-read for lovers of music on the margins of rock. In this first issue, which features front and back cover art by Lisa D. Quinlan, there are passionate, feature-length articles on Swedish artist Hemliga Bosse (and his 7”single “New Image Every Day”/ “Aldrig Mera Ensam”), Paul Shand/The Numbers (and their self-titled EP), and The Jam (and their second studio album, This Is the Modern World). Plus, there are “New York Dolls Stories,” illustrated with a photo collage of the New York-based glam-punk pioneers and augmented by “History Lessons with Sylvain Sylvain” and an interview with Paul Gray, who worked with Johnny Thunders on So Alone. In black and white throughout, with design elements that recall cut-and-paste zines photocopied at Kinko’s, Desperate Times #1 will leave you desperate for more. –Gina Murrell (Chairman Ralph,