DESIROUS CHOMP #3, $1, 3” x 5”, printed, 10 pgs.

Mar 15, 2022

A slender collection of vignettes, Desirous Chomp #3 gives glimpses into the lives of Becky and Louise through their often-quirky interactions with each other and with others, including a cashier, a bank teller, and a building superintendent. The exchanges, typically between two persons, are quick and wry. There are no punch lines, no jokes… just slightly surreal slice-of-life stories.The stories are also pure in a way that harkens back to simpler and more analog times, a vibe further enforced by offhand references to claw-foot tubs, answering machines, word processors, and defunct music and entertainment store Sam Goody. Desirous Chomp is like the mini-comics printed on wax paper that would come in boxes of Cracker Jack or enclose a hunk of pink bubble gum—but with none of the drawings but all of the humor. A fun, fast read. –Gina Murrell (Piecemeal Fortress, [email protected])