DES DEMONAS: “Bay of Pigs” b/w “Skrews”: 7”

May 20, 2019

A heavy, reverberated organ riff opens this record up, which caused me to get a little excited and a little scared simultaneously. Like am I in for something channeling Tim Armstrong’s A Poets Life? or some old school ska-inspired jam? Or is this gonna get all hipster ELO on me? Whatever; I’m here for the ride. This single doesn’t disappoint.  The first track “Bay of Pigs” is like a Northern Soul-esque Sabbath banger: big rolls, chunky riffs, and even a tambourine break fill the space creatively. I’m actually really glad I waited to review this 7” until spring time; it sets a vibe. Imagine old school Sub Pop took on a punky soul band, routed through a touch of Posh Boy underground brightness. It’s incense and an open window with sunshine. Unique and rad and thankfully not another basic rock’n’roll record. –Candace Hansen (Slovenly)