DERELICTS, THE: Life of Strife: CD

Aug 01, 2019

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest (or I guess it would have been Canada’s Pacific Southwest… no one calls it that) and being a teenager in the late ’80s, I got into Seattle’s underground music scene fairly early on. So many great bands came out of that city. Some got mega famous, some disappeared. The Derelicts were not a grunge band, they were a punk band. They encapsulated what I liked about the music coming out of the area: hardcore punk with screaming guitars and a truly animated frontman who could seamlessly switch from shrieking insanity to crooning with almost pop-like sensibilities. For many years it seemed like The Derelicts were lost to the burnt spoons of time, but out of nowhere a few years back acts were cleaned up and shows started happening, culminating in this, their first new album in thirty years! It is easy to hear the influence The Derelicts had on other Seattle bands such as Zeke (whose Donny Paycheck is drumming) and Supersuckers, and even their contemporaries The Dwarves. The album does not let up from beginning to end. Jack Endino’s production is on point. There is no way in hell these guys are border friendly, so I best get my ass down to Seattle to see a show. The Derelicts are back and it’s time to fuck up again! –Ty Stranglehold (Digital Warfare,