Nov 22, 2017

This album from Berlin, Germany fucking rules! Let’s start with the opening track, “Moloch.” A doomy guitar riff and drums fight for speaker time with a pounding bass line and some shrieking guitar feedback. I’m intrigued. After a voice from hell growls out a couple lines, Allen Ginsberg can be heard reciting from his 1956 masterpiece of a poem, Howl. Then there are blast beats, the floor has fallen out from underneath my feet, and I am thrashing and writhing about my kitchen. What was a death-doom track is now aggro-hardcore punk and my world is shattered. I cannot wait to get to the rest of the album, where I discover that every song is equally unpredictable and heavy, heavy, heavy. A quick search online and I am pleased to discover that Derbe Lebowski have at least four other releases dating back to 2012. I will be getting familiar with them all in the near future. –Jon Mule (Spastic Fantastic, / Dead Heroes, )