DENIZ TEK: Take It to the Vertical: LP

Jul 20, 2021

For the uninitiated, Mr. Tek was the lynchpin of Australia’s Radio Birdman (one of my top five bands). Judging by the recent documentary, he comes across as a bit of a rock star prick, but hell, what do I know? This LP is faithful reissue of the ’92 solo LP he did with Chris Masuak of Birdman and Scott Asheton of the Stooges. It comes across like the mellower more noodly Birdman jams with Tek’s unmistakable Elvis-style vocals. The Tek guitar/vocal style is omnipresent so it’s impossible as a Radio Birdman fan not to dig it. Is it Radios Appear? Hell no. Is it really fucking good. Hell yeah. If you don’t know, go get Radios Appear. If you know? Go get this. –Tim Brooks (Wild Honey)

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