DEMONS OF THE MIDWEST #1 and #2, $1 each, 8 ½ ” x 11”, copied, 16 and 17 pgs.

Dec 13, 2016

Sharon and I go back a ways, but we’d fallen out of touch and only recently did I reconnect with her. Thus, I was excited to read her zine that caught me up on some recent big moments in her life. The layout is a mixture of crudely drawn (but kinda endearing) cartoons and text describing each episode. Her experiences in the past few years have been enough to last her a lifetime: her husband won a bunch of money and a trip on Wheel of Fortune, they got a divorce, and she had to find a roommate and learn to live again as a single person. In the midst of this she dealt with the full range of manic and depressive behavior that led to her being hospitalized on more than one occasion. While there are two separate issues of the zine here, they’re meant to be read together. Although the layout wasn’t always the easiest to follow, I got the idea; this is scary stuff to deal with and Sharon isn’t afraid to mess up (sometimes big time). But the fact that she’s sharing all of it is, I hope, a rewarding experience for her, and a hopeful one for all who read her tale. -Kurt Morris (Sharon Gissy, 5102 N. Wolcott #2, Chicago, IL 60640)

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