DEFECT DEFECT: Deefography: CS

Aug 25, 2016

Deefography is a kind of discography for Portland-based punk quartet Defect Defect put out by Japanese label Snuffy Smiles. I’m pretty sure this band disbanded, it’s hard to tell for sure though. Their cassette is ambiguous and they have little to no internet presence, with the exception of a few record nerd blogs, German label Taken By Surprise’s Bandcamp, and a Facebook event from 2013 that promised a good time and a BBQ. Some serious off the grid shit. If you like Black Flag and a big chunk downstrokey pop punk from the ‘90s and ‘00s, you’ll probably love this cassette. Its really bass heavy, which I love since some of the bass chords and runs made some predictable tracks way more exciting. Though it goes through the motions like lots of punk does, this cassette is upbeat and melodic, with a taste of dark guitar work in that I-listened-to-Darker-My-Love-for-a-year-straight kind of way. If that’s your thing, find it if you can. –Candace Hansen (Snuffy Smiles)