DEEP FRIED ZINE MPLS #18, $1, 8½” x 5½”, 20 pgs.

Well, we all love junk food. Deep Fried is an amusing combo of junk food (this issue, movie theater food specifically) and music content in my very own city of Minneapolis. Tasty, bite-size meditations on the drive-in, Prince’s private viewing sessions, Dunkaroos, ALF, and the ol’ popcorn trick sure make me miss going to the movies. The imagery is cool and sourced from all over, some drawn, some (digitally) cut-and-pasted—I particularly like the vintage fast food matchbooks collected for your viewing pleasure in this issue. The band interviews are succinct and do the job. Nothing like keepin’ it playful, and Deep Fried does just that. –jimmy cooper (2901 Yosemite Ave. S, MPLS, MN 55416)