DECORUM: Near Gone || No Haven: CS

Mar 22, 2017

Brooklyn experimental post-punk triumvirate, Decorum, offer up some dreamy dissonance on Near Gone || No Haven, a limited-edition double A side cassette and their second release of 2016. The band’s reverb-laden vocals and vibrating atmospheres belie their contemporary context; these tracks would not seem out of step on a mix with your favorite proto-goth cuts from the ‘70s and ‘80s. However, Decorum are not merely interested in presenting a greatest-hits-redux of a bygone era, instead appropriating and rearranging the familiar elements into something that feels original. “Near Gone” is firmly rooted in dark wave tradition, evoking the hypnotic drone of Bauhaus, the catchy progressions of Joy Division, and even the pop-star-stuck-at-the-bottom-of-a-well genius of Robert Smith’s more melancholy moments without referencing anything too specific. “No Haven” is bookended by passages that feel surprisingly ethereal—blending the band’s dual vocals to achieve an achingly wistful tone—but the track’s middle third plunges into the kind of dense, weighty bassline that anchors the best of the genre. Dynamic, dimensional, and otherworldly, Decorum feel transported from another time, but display too much soul and emotional heft to be written off as pure nostalgic revelry. –Kelley O’Death (Mirror Universe Tapes, [email protected],

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