DECEIVED, THE, VOL. II, $5, 8½” x 11”, color, illustrated, 36 pgs.

Sep 27, 2019

It’s no secret that the CIA, military, and other federal institutions have performed a lot of awful deeds, starting most obviously with the rampant imperialism and terroristic interference in the name of “democracy” in largely the Middle East and global South. But it’s less well-known—that is, not taught, generally, in public schools, often the highest history education a U.S. citizen will get (even at my university—American history is not required), that the CIA has a history of not only colluding with but actively including Nazis (not just neo-Nazis, but O.G. World War II Nazis who worked sometimes directly with Hitler) in “thought control” experiments. TLDR; this zine is about that. It’s also about one individual coming to terms with her abuse at the hands of related experiments. Between the poems and drawings of personal abuse and the history included in this zine, it’s an uncomfortable read, not, as I did, something to read over your lunch. Trigger warnings abound for sexual, emotional, physical, religious, and military abuse, and it was upsetting to me even as someone who is not a survivor of the level of abuse detailed here. Be cautious, but it is chock-full of good information for those interested in knowing more about the subject, and includes lots of resources, as well as tools for healing, along the way. –jimmy cooper (Sparrow, PO Box 14276, SF, CA 94114)