The Tissues, photo by Deb Frazin

Deb Frazin Photo Column—The Tissues

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The Tissues new video “My Body My Mind” (from their incredible new album Blue Film) just dropped, and it’s another slammer. This song exhibits a more untamed, punk rock side of The Tissues.

The new video features a multitude of feminists and queer artists including Alice Bag, Drew Arriola Sands from Trap Girl, Peter Kalisch of Queerspace, Grace X of Garbitch, Celeste of Princest, as well as many other familiar faces from the L.A. music scene. “My Body My Mind” encourages the autonomy to celebrate one’s body, of any size, gender, or presentation.

Give the link below a click, and check out the video. The Tissues new album Blue Film can be purchased on their Bandcamp site (I highly recommend it).