The Scientists at Zebulon—Los Angeles, 2018

Deb Frazin Photo Column—The Scientists

Mar 29, 2020

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Back in 2018, a dream of mine finally came true: I finally got to see The Scientists play a live set at a small club! I’d waited decades to see them, and it was actually happening—I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears!

The night started out at The Teragram. My pal Eddie Lopez (from Electric Children) and I went to catch The Death Valley Girls and Roky Erickson (Eddie had never seen Roky before—he was stoked). I was nauseous from driving around the block 575 times looking for a parking spot, but still, the show was great.

After Roky ended his set, we raced over to Zebulon, and got there just as the band was about to come onstage. I pushed my ass up front next to my pals Sundown and Warren. Teri Wahl from Red Aunts joined me, The Scientists hit the stage, then we all lost our minds! The one song I wanted to hear more than anything was their cover of “You Only Live Twice,” and they delivered it by the second song!  They played just about every song I wanted to hear—“We Had Love,” “Swampland,” “This Is My Happy Hour,” and “Rev Head.” It was PURE SCIENTISTS BLISS from beginning to end.

After the show, the crowd dispersed, Kim Salmon came out, and we had the great pleasure of talking with him for a few minutes. This was absolutely my favorite night of 2018.