Deb Frazin Photo Column—The Great Sadness

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Three years ago, on a boring Monday night, I decided to look for a last-minute show. A band called The Great Sadness was playing at The Echoplex for free, so I quickly Googled the band to see what they were like. I saw the name Cathy Cooper and wondered if this was the same Cathy Cooper who was in the ’90s Silver Lake band Touchcandy (a band I used to love). I contacted my pal Bill Tutton and he confirmed it was the same Cathy Cooper—I literally ran to my car and raced down to The Echoplex as fast as I could.

When I ran into the venue, they were already on stage. It was her! Just Cathy and a drummer (the very talented Stephen McNeely). I stood in awe as they played these abrasive, gritty, kick-ass songs that were like a cross between stoner metal and swampy blues. Their music made me feel like my heart was being ripped out of my chest—lots of dirty slide guitar, wild drumming, and powerful vocals straight from the gut—THIS WAS THE BAND I’D BEEN WAITING FOR!

Fast-forward to today (and a ton of live shows and many new fans later). Their superb new album Thievin’ has finally arrived. Cathy gave me the MP3 files last fall, so I already know this album like the back of my hand. Every single song is absolutely brilliant. They really took it to the next level with this record. It was produced by Joe Cardimone, and it’s pressed on hot fluorescent-green vinyl (the vinyl sounds incredible)!

Thievin’ is an astonishing achievement, and it’s gonna blow things wide open for this very talented duo.