Deb Frazin Photo—The Alley Cats

Deb Frazin Photo Column—The Alley Cats

When I was a teenager, the first punk band I ever saw was The Alley Cats at The Whisky a Go-Go. This was way back in the early days of the L.A. punk rock scene. I was obsessed with them. Their first two singles ‘‘Nothing Means Nothing Anymore” (on Dangerhouse) and “Too Much Junk” never left my turntable. A year later, their incredible debut album Nightmare City was released. They were one of the greatest punk bands on the scene, playing alongside other great bands like X, The Plugz, Black Flag, Minutemen and The Germs.
They were signed to MCA in 1982, and released Escape from the Planet Earth. I’ve always felt that Escape never got the props it deserved (maybe because it was on a major label)? It’s a perfect album from beginning to end. That album is essential (if you don’t own it, your vinyl collection is missing a masterpiece).

The band broke up, and they all disappeared for years. Thankfully, Randy Stodola returned, and reformed the band (with two new members). And here’s some great news: a new album of all new songs has been recorded, and should be released soon!

To this day, The Alley Cats still remain one of my all-time favorite bands.