Deb Frazin Photo Column—T.S.O.L.

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Every now and then, when I twist around to look behind me as I back up my car, I get a dull twinge of pain in my rib cage. That pain stems from a broken rib I got while attending a  T.S.O.L. show at The Regent Theater in 2018.

They were playing the entire Dance with Me album (as well as the first EP). The show was incredible. I was right up front, surrounded by good friends, and I couldn’t have been happier. As they were finishing up their last song, someone stage-dived over my head, and a fight broke out behind me. As I turned around to see what was happening, I was violently thrown into the stage, and broke my rib.

A couple of nights before the Regent show, three-hundred-pound Fletcher from Pennywise ran across the stage at The O.C. Observatory, and pushed Jack Grisham off of the stage (head-first), right into the pit (landing on top of poor Jack). Jack was pretty banged up. I saw him shortly afterward at his art opening at The Last Bookstore in DTLA, and we laughed about our injuries that we’d received that weekend.

War wounds from the slam pit—they’re punk rock badges of honor!