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Deb Frazin Photo Column—Shark Toys

Oct 04, 2020

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Have you heard the big news yet? Danny from Shark Toys has just opened his new record store on York in Highland Park! Arroyo Records is at 5123 ½ York Blvd. (at the old Permanent Records location).   

I always get excited when a new record store opens. As a longtime ex-record store employee and avid record collector, it’s just in my blood! The bins are about half-filled right now, but he had mountains of wax at the counter that he was preparing. I think in about a month that store is gonna be very well stocked and it’s gonna kick ass!

I brought in a small stack of records to sell, and when he told me how much I was getting for them, I almost lost my balance! I actually asked him to repeat himself because I thought I misunderstood him. That was the best offer I’ve received in years (seriously). Arroyo Records is the place you want to sell your records to.

There were so many great records in there. I had a hard time deciding which ones I wanted to buy. I saw The Bizarros, The Reatards, Badfinger, The Buzzcocks, The Red Lights, U.K. Subs, Surfbort, The Spits. So many 7” singles to look through! And the best part: the prices are very fair.

Danny’s band Shark Toys just released their new 7" single “Out of Time” on colored vinyl and you can pick it up at Arroyo Records (and don’t forget to grab a free copy of the new issue of Razorcake on your way out the door)! 

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