Deb Frazin Photo Column—Rinse

Sep 15, 2019

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If you like your punk rock dirty, raw and abrasive, backed up with solid songs, then Rinse is the band for you. I accidentally stumbled upon their 2019 EP Extended Play on the Bandcamp site last month, and those five songs blew my brain to smithereens.

There are a lot of local bands in L.A. people drool over—lots of hype, lots of “gimmick,” but the hard truth is: they just don’t have any great songs to back it all up. That’s why I’m always grateful to discover bands like Rinse.

Rinse is a band you’ll usually catch at places like Rec Room, but they opened for Marbled Eye a few nights ago at Zebulon, and their set was nothing less than outstanding. Alex Uhrich’s voice has a wonderfully snotty “gargling with razorblades” sound, his stage presence is intense, and the band was perfectly on point. They played a short set, and that’s the way a punk set should always be: short, intense, get your asses off the stage, and leave them wanting more. Go check them out the next time they play—you won’t be disappointed!

This is my favorite song on the Extended Play EP. Enjoy!

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