Deb Frazin Photo—Rikk Agnew

Deb Frazin Photo Column—Rikk Agnew

This photo of punk rock guitar legend Rikk Agnew was shot backstage at The Whisky in West Hollywood in 2019. Rikk played a few songs with Skurvy Kids. 45 Grave was also on the bill that evening.

Rikk and I drove down to the show together that night (I should say that day, because we arrived two hours before the sun went down). Lots of waiting around, and three bands on the bill. It was a long night, but it was a fun show. 45 Grave was a blast. I stood at the side of the stage with Edward Transylvania and got some great snaps.

After the show, I was so exhausted I was seeing double. But Rikk wanted to meet up with some friends at Canter’s, so we did. I almost fell asleep in my matzo ball soup. We got home around three or four. How I got the both of us home without falling asleep at the wheel is still a mystery to me.