Redd Kross photo by Deb Frazin

Deb Frazin Photo Column—Redd Kross

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Last year, the original 1982 lineup of Redd Kross played a special benefit show to help their ex-bandmate Janet Housden pay for her medical bills after her battle with cancer. They played their classic Born Innocent album in its entirety to a lucky sold-out crowd.

Man, I just love going to shows when bands play one of their albums all the way through. There’s nothing better. T.S.O.L. did it for the Dance with Me album, The Breeders played Last Splash, and Redd Kross gave us Born Innocent (with Tracy Lea on guitar and Janet Housden on drums). Lots of familiar faces were in that crowd. There sure was a good energy in the room that afternoon, and to top it all off Redd Kross closed out the set with a wild cover of The Runaways’ “Dead End Justice.”

I filmed a couple of songs at that show—check ’em out!