Deb Frazin Photo Column—Reckling

Dec 15, 2019

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Last year, Kelsey Reckling wrote and recorded one of the best albums of 2018 for Burger Records. Reckling’s debut album is loaded with hooky, captivating punk rock songs—a perfect album from start to finish.

This past week, I saw Reckling play at Resident, then three nights later I caught another gig at the new Permanent Records Roadhouse (ya gotta check out this rad bar/record store/venue)! Two fiery-hot Reckling shows in one week!

The band always gives the crowd an extra-powerful performance (a crash cymbal went flying across the stage during the Roadhouse show). With a beer in one hand, my camera in the other hand, and Reckling burning up the stage, I just couldn’t be happier. Their shows should never be missed.

Reckling has two upcoming shows at The Moroccan (12/20 and 12/23), and I highly recommend you go see both of them. And if you haven’t heard the album yet, I’ve posted it below for you to listen to (then fall in love with).

I’ve been around the block a few times, I’ve heard and seen a zillion bands, and I’m tellin’ ya: THIS KID’S GOT IT.

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